About Me

Hi, I'm Liz Barkley! Welcome to Kitchen On Mercer where you'll find my latest kitchen creations and obsessions. I'm a self-taught baker and cook who loves experimenting with new recipes, and finding culinary inspiration everywhere!

A little about me...in the spring of 2010 I founded, and with my partner, co-managed a wholesale and farmers' market bakery. Brown Bag Bakery, cocktail inspired, was operational for nearly three years. It was an amazing experience but unfortunately financial growing pains cramped our growth efforts and everything became too difficult. 

After the disappointing decision to close shop I took some time off from the kitchen. But the joy that I found in creating and sharing my food with others found its way back to me. So, here on my blog I hope to capture some of the recipes and travel experiences that mean so much to me. I believe food plays an enormous role in how we relate to each other. Food creates dialogue as traditions are shared and new experiences are had. Food is the ultimate unifier.  

Today my daytime is spent managing projects in a niche luxury market of the residential interior design industry. The glamour and exquisite details of interior design share a similar ambition as artisanal cooking -- the desire to elevate the everyday.  

In my world, if the kitchen is slightly messy it means good food has been made and life is happy! Live life deliciously! 

I'd love to hear from you. I'm best reached over email: lizbarkley@gmail.com

Please give credit to all recipes on this blog, and do not repost my pictures without tagging me.


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