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Late Summer Plum Cake & New Design Finds

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So here we are in mid-September, how did that happen so quickly?! Summer has wrapped up for the season and left me with another collection of wonderful memories and exciting opportunities ahead. It seems that everyone is in back-to-school mode, kids or no kids. Our calendar is filling back up with events and dinner dates and far off talks of the holidays. Too much, too soon! Let's have one last summer hurrah before fully diving into the fall season with pumpkin lattes and spice cake. 
Plums are a perfect choice for a late summer dessert. Like most one layer cakes this one is a breeze to make and is so pretty. This cake does not involve cutting layers and freezing and frosting, this cake is pure simple summer entertaining all the way. And it's made with olive oil and yogurt so you know it's going to be great! I highly suggest giving this a whirl! 

Now that we've caught up on the food we can talk about other fun things. I've had a busy summer working…

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