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Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cream Cookie Sandwiches & Door Handles of Madison Avenue

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Hello hello readers! After several months away from this space I've finally gotten my act together and decided to resurrect my blog from its forgotten state. It feels good to be back and to get my thoughts on paper, so to speak. 
If there's one word to describe the past couple months it's the word change. We all know life changes, sometimes it happens to us, sometimes we have to make it happen. It's these moments that really define how we manage our personal goals and expectations. How is the new job, new relationship, new exercise plan working out for our own unique big picture. I'm of the mindset that if something isn't making me happy than it's time for a change. While making a big life change can definitely be filled with a lot of anxiety, if you don't try something new than how can you grow as a person. Take the next step, most likely you'll thank yourself in the long run. You just need to put yourself out there. 
One morning as…

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