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Blood Orange Curd

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Hello again!! Did you think I disappeared? I was getting nervous too as it's been awhile since my last post, but I guess I've been busy these past two months and haven't found the time to push through and get it together for a blog post. But, it feels good to be back in this space with some delicious eats that celebrate the winter citrus season.

As this winter seems to be in no hurry to be over (sad face!) I find all I want to do is just play in the kitchen. I've been reading so many food blogs and new cookbooks my head is just swimming with ideas, some of which I'll get to and others maybe in time. Time, that funny thing that requires such dedication and focus in order to actually make things happen. But spending the time experimenting with new recipes certainly helps channel my energy into something more productive than giving into endless hours of Netflix and winter gloom. Winter pushes me to challenge myself - lucky me that my creative outlet ha…

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