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This is Fall!

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We're well past leaf peeping season but it sure was pretty! I love the fall season with its vibrant colors, the crisp fresh air, the seasonal change of the landscape, it's all quite stunning. I've been lucky this fall as I've been able to indulge my wanderlust spirit with a trip to the Rocky Mountains, and much closer to home, the Catskills. Both are some of my favorite places for sheer nature therapy. 
The thing about spending time outside is that it's good for the soul. Before I start sounding too hippy-dippy take a read of these articles about the benefits of spending spurts of 5 mins up to 120 minutes per week in the great outdoors, even in urban areas. I find there's something so special about spending time outside as it makes me feel more connected to nature and the change of seasons. 
So, perhaps I can thank mother nature here for the inspiration to write up a blog post. I've definitely fallen off the map in this space as it's be…

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