Southern Classic - Peach Cobbler

It's farmers' market season! I love shopping at my local farmers' market during the summer and fall. I like knowing my produce and vegetables are fresh, organically grown, and everything looks so colorful and summery the items practically scream - eat me!

Yesterday I headed out to my local farmers' market and picked up 2 pounds of Jersey peaches. My boyfriend has been asking me to make a peach cobbler…something I've never made before, but definitely a delicious summer treat!

Southern Peach Cobbler

Selecting a recipe from as a reference, I mixed and matched a couple of the ingredients to create my own spin. After sautéing the peaches I added the topping, a sweet biscuit dough to be completely Southern!

Peach Cobbler with sweet biscuits

Add a dollop of vanilla ice cream just before you serve!

Click for recipe.


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