Olive Oil Loaf with Rosemary & Chocolate

Happy Snow Day! It's the morning of the 1st expected blizzard of the year…I'm so excited! Snow days always remind me of how much I enjoy being cozy at home, having extra time to relax, and cook or bake something. I'm thinking cookies, my winter favorite, orange & chocolate shortbread.

Backtracking a little, I've been meaning to post this baking endeavor for quite awhile it just never happened. What can I say, life's gotten a little overbooked with work, but being busy is good too. If I actually had the time to bake and taste test every recipe I wanted, I'd need to buy bigger pants and no woman wants to do that!!

I really enjoyed this bread loaf with olive oil, rosemary, and chocolate. Such a treat to enjoy with coffee in the morning and wait for the snow.

Cheers to a snow day!

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