Orange & Chocolate Shortbread

Yum, this cookie has such a nice flavor profile, and with the high butter content it practically melts in your mouth. It's a classic shortbread cookie recipe that I've enhanced with citrus zest. This cookie uses orange zest complemented with mini chocolate chips. I make another version of this cookie with lemon zest and a raspberry jam drop right in the middle.

I think the trick with this cookie is to not overbeat the butter and sugar mixture with the flour mixture. You want to just incorporate the flour, and as soon as all ingredients are combined, turn off the mixer. Note-to-self from's a good idea to cover the mixer with a kitchen towel and quickly pulse the flour into dough. I've had plenty of instances where flour is all over the kitchen...oops!

And because I'm a huge chocolate lover sometimes I'll dip half of this cookie in a chocolate ganache. Having a delicious blank canvas shortbread recipe opens the field for creative kitchen play. Baking should be fun...unless you have a business, then things get tricky!


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