Cranberry Almond & Orange Cake

It's fall, I've finally accepted that the summer season is over and my flip flops have been replaced with booties. I'm such a summer girl, can't get enough of the hot weather, bbqs, and weekends spent outside. But I love the fall season too.

Cranberry Almond & Orange cake with streusel

Last weekend I was inspired to bake this cake after seeing the recipe on Pinterest. It's not your typical "think of fall, bake this cake or pie," but that's why I wanted to make it. It's perfectly fluffy and light with sweet and tart flavors.

This is the first time in awhile that I baked and wanted to write in my very neglected blog. I've done a lot of baking over the past year, but I hope to make more of an effort here. For me, baking is my favorite hobby as I get to be creative and make a mess in the kitchen, and then share my work with friends and family.

Click for recipe.

Upstate New York


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