Fig Cheesecake Popsicles

It's Fig season! Sadly I don't have a vacation planned to the Mediterranean anytime soon, or California if we're talking a little closer to home for delicious eats like figs, olives, and let's add wine tasting to that list too.

So, since I'm staying super local, like my own kitchen, I'll settle for traveling vicariously through recipes. One of my favorite things to do when traveling to a new city or country is to read up on all the great restaurants, learn about the food and drink culture, and check out the local markets and stores. I'm a little spoiled living right outside NYC with all the speciality stores and great food markets, but I absolutely love exploring what other cities have going on.

Back to these fig cheesecake popsicles, they make a fun and unique dessert for any dinner party. You can use any figs that are available. Here I used the classic purple Mission figs, but I was really hoping the fruit stand vendor would have the green figs that I bought last week. So amazing and flavorful, they were like eating jam from the jar.


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