Feeling Springy

I've been in a spring-cleaning kind of mood recently. Living large is definitely not something I can say is a luxury feature of my cozy apartment in Jersey City. Easy access to Manhattan with pretty tree lined streets and neighborhood parks, yes, those are some of the perks of where I live.

Anyways, in my cleaning frenzy I've been going through old magazines before tossing and tearing out "keepers" to file away. I've made my own cookbook binder from all of my food magazines I'd otherwise throw out, or just forget about after the next issue arrives. I also have a stash of interior design daydreaming inspiration, book reviews, travel and other random tears for future reference. I love reading magazines, but I also love also tearing them up and keeping the good parts, and recycling the rest. Another reason why I find Pinterest to be such an amazing and useful social media tool. No paper! And I love that I can access my digital folders anywhere.

Last weekend I made this cake from a Food & Wine February 2012 magazine tear out. I have a couple chocolate cake recipes that I like to make, but it's always fun to try a new recipe. This one is definitely a keeper. I think the secret to this cake is somewhere between the use of the cocoa powder, real melted chocolate, and the buttermilk for a little zip to cut all the sweetness. And the buttercream uses egg whites which is something I've never tried before. All in all, tasty and pretty for Spring with the candy-almond flowers.

Chocolate Layer Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Click for recipe.


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