Apple Season!!

It's funny how certain smells can really transport you back to a certain time, place or person. Whatever the smell, it brings you back. For me, the smell of an apple pie baking away sends me straight back to childhood and at home with my mom's apple pie almost ready to come out of the oven. Completely nostalgic!! She did a lot of baking when I was growing up. Less now, more just for the holidays, but I was often there to learn what I could and of course gobble down a cookie or clean off the mixer paddle when she was making a cake. 

I've always loved baking and helping with the prep of a holiday dinner. It's about the creativity of making something special, and the consideration behind what's being prepared. All about the details! 

Apple Caramel Pie

This apple pie recipe isn't a family recipe, but I think it's definitely a great one to wow at your next holiday or dinner party. The apple and cinnamon flavors are perfect with the caramel sauce and the subtle hint of ginger.

The top pastry crust is a great opportunity to really have some fun when making a pie. You can do a classic lattice, a braided lattice, a solid pastry with decorative cut outs, or even an entire crust made just out of cut outs. If you choose to do a solid crust remember to add 4 slits at the center to allow steam to escape. Swipe an egg wash across and in about one hour you'll have a beautiful and very delicious apple caramel pie. 



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