Holiday Brunch

These past weeks have been super busy for me with one day quickly blurring to the next, and all of a sudden it's the holidays. How does this time of year always sneak up so quickly?! I'm almost ready, just a couple more things to check off the never-ending list. Our tree is trimmed, most gifts have been purchased, and our holiday e-card will be ready to send before Christmas. That's a first! And, of course I've given considerable thought as to what I'd like to serve for Christmas dinner.

But to really kick off the holidays at home I'll be hosting a brunch the weekend before Christmas. I love brunch! And, as this will be a holiday brunch, I want to make it extra special and step up my game. There's nothing wrong with serving a delicious quiche or frittata. Both are delicious and really presentable options to impress your guests. But serving a soufflé, that's a bit different.

Originally I had intended on making this soufflé for Mother's Day. I purchased several l 1/2 qt. soufflé baking dishes from Sur la Table to ensure there was enough to go around. Plans changed and the recipe remained unattempted until now. What was I waiting for?! This soufflé is a total classic!

The recipe comes together easily and quickly. Start by separating the eggs which should be at room temperature, or close to. About 20-30 minutes from the fridge. The warmer temperature will help the egg whites get super light and fluffy which will in turn increase the size of your soufflé. Another good tip, is to of course make sure the bowl for the egg whites is large enough to accommodate the dramatic volume increase that will occur when you beat them. The egg whites will increase about 3-4 times.

Once the eggs are separated, beat the yolks gently and add the other ingredients. Next beat the egg whites on high with a hand held mixer for 2 minutes until stiff. Gently fold the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture and add the cheese. Bake for 35 minutes. After baking you'll need to let the soufflé sit for a few minutes as it'll shrink slightly and pull away from the baking dish.

Great sides with this soufflé might include a simple green salad, grilled or roasted vegetables, and of course a big batch of cocktails. Brunch is of course a fun excuse to enjoy delicious breakfast foods with a couple cocktails.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

Click for recipe.


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