New Year, New Intentions

New year, clean slate. Have you set up a whole new list of guidelines and resolutions for yourself? Are they realistic or are you trying to be an over achiever only to set yourself up for failure? Don't do it!

Dark chocolate cake with champagne buttercream frosting

Why are we so hard on ourselves especially at this vulnerable time of the year? The holidays just wrapped up. Here in the northeast it's winter and freezing cold outside (currently snowing), and personally it's not my best season to completely revamp myself. Writing myself a whole list of new year resolutions I'll probably fail at by February, not going to happen. What will happen, and what I try to do somewhat regularly is to personally "check-in" and work on achieving my true intentions. When I understand my intentions behind wanting to do something I find it makes whatever the task more meaningful. It's perhaps a bit of yoga philosophy, but being intentional or being in the moment requires a more conscience check-in with yourself to know why you're putting forth the effort.

This year let's celebrate being present. Let's be more aware of what's currently happening rather than staring at our phones while at the same time having a conversation with someone, or trying to pack so much into one day that you're not enjoying any of it and just trying to get through. 

I found this great article in a blog I enjoy reading that discusses meditation and taking a few minutes out of every day to focus and calm ourselves with the overall goal of being more aware of what's going on and less distracted and reactive. Food for thought, so to speak.

Double layer dark chocolate cake with champagne buttercream frosting

And words of advice for the new year from one of my most favorite foodies, Anthony Bourdain.

So cheers, it's a new year! Last year was definitely a mixed bag for me with the good and the bad. Posting more regularly I feel like I'm finding my voice again, years after closing my bakery business and a whole lotta stuff going on in between. My favorite place to be is creating in the kitchen and having fun.  

Champagne buttercream frosting

I encourage you to make this chocolate cake with champagne buttercream frosting. It's a straightforward recipe and extra delicious. 



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