Grapefruit & Olive Oil Curd Tart

I am admittedly not that knowledgeable about car maintenance. When the light goes on saying it's time for an oil change I take my car to the shop. And I deal with the regular car maintenance that creeps up yearly like getting new tires, or a new battery, adjusting the alignment, or whatever needs fixing when it comes to my attention that it's time. Last Saturday morning started out completely normal when I was out and about to run my errands, but then the car didn't start. What?! 

I start to panic - I know I didn't leave the lights on, and the battery is only three years old so what in the world?!?! Thank goodness for the roadside assistance in my car insurance policy! Instead of asking everyone in the parking lot for a jump I just had to wait for the service guy. For 45 minutes!!! Time to catch up on my social media feeds! After seeing a citrus fruit tart on Pinterest looking all bright and pretty I decided that I wanted to make a version of the tart once I was able to escape the parking lot. A much more enjoyable way to spend my Saturday! 

Back to my car, thanks to the helpful service guy that got my battery going again he also gave me some battery maintence advice. Apparently you're suppose to clean the battery acid corrosion about every six months (cars that sit outside regularly experience build-up quicker than cars that sit indoors) with something as simple as windex (ammonia) or baking soda. You should clean the corroded battery terminals and scrub the battery clamps with a wire brush or even an old toothbrush to eliminate the acid build-up. Here's a great tutorial on what to do. It's super simple maintenance that I intend to keep up with to prolong my car battery life. Who knew!


Making this tart definitely cheered up the rest of my day. It's quick and relatively easy to make. The almond flour dough is pushed into the removable tart shell rather than rolling out as the consistency of the mixture is not conducive to rolling. The fresh grapefruit zest and the fresh squeezed juice is simply delightful. If you normally find grapefruits make you pucker than I'm pretty sure you'll find this curd filling to be surprisingly mild and perfectly sweet. 

I hope the car battery advice will come in handy and that you'll try this tart. It's pretty and delicious! 



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