Berry Season is Here!


Spring is in the air!! I love this time of year when the weather is finally warming up, wearing a coat becomes more optional, and things are blooming. The trees in my neighborhood are filled with beautiful pink blossoms and tiny green leaves. Tulips, daffodils, and the forsythia bushes are all flowering and looking beautiful. I swear, spring comes just in time in NYC as there's only so much hibernating and cold weather coziness I can take. Time to celebrate spring!

The pairing of rhubarb and strawberries is a classic combination. You get the tart and the sweet, it's a perfect mix! Not to mention the pretty bright colors of each fruit to help perk up your morning with a good cup of coffee or tea. 

Once you prepare the fresh fruit, hull and slice the strawberries and dice the rhubarb, the rest of the muffin mix comes together quickly. Remember to spray your muffin tin before scooping the mix into each cup, and in 30-50 minutes or so depending on the size, you'll have a tray full of beautiful muffins. 

If you're looking for a dessert be sure to check out my rhubarb strawberry pie which has quickly become a spring and early summer favorite. 

Enjoy and cheers to these lovely fruits! 



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