Mother's Day Brunch

This Sunday is of course Mother's Day! Cheers to all the wonderful moms I know turning it out each and every day, and to my lovely mom who I'll be spending the day with. Being a mom has got to be a tricky job, sometimes it's tricky to be a daughter, but all jokes aside my mother has been a big influence on my life in a lot of ways.

Cooking and baking is definitely something I first learned from my mom, and now I love to cook for her. Last Mother's Day I made a big brunch with quiche and several salads which was so fun to prepare. Sometimes on the weekends I'll make a version of this frittata, and if I'm feeling extra ambitious I'll make homemade biscuits too. Really, anything goes for a regular weekend brunch. But a special occasion brunch requires a bit of planning so you're ready with all of the ingredients and you've saved enough time to set a pretty table. I like Ina Garten's approach to entertaining - keep it delicious and simple. This springtime frittata is exactly that!

As it's asparagus season I wanted to incorporate this delicious vegetable into the mix. Overall this frittata recipe is very Italian (inherent with the origin of the word) with the ingredients I've selected. I start with a polenta base, and add parmesan and ricotta cheese, adding further with prosciutto and whipped eggs and cream. Really what's not to love!

Keep the rest of the menu simple by adding a mixed green salad or sliced tomatoes, and perhaps some sweet breads, and your Mother's Day brunch is golden. And of course a lovely dry rosé  or sancerre would pair perfectly.



Cheers wonderful Moms!!



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