Cornflake Fried Chicken with Blueberry Sauce & Dill Potatoes from Maine

Maine, just thinking about being there makes me smile. It's so beautiful and storybooklike, maybe that's why one of the state's slogans is "Vacationland." Maine is simply gorgeous! We've been twice and I'm already thinking about our next trip. The coastline has one cute town after the next to explore. And if you're feeling adventurous there are many small islands nearby which make for great day trip excursions. Right off the coast of Portland is Peak's Island which is a charming place to spend an afternoon. Pack a picnic lunch and rent bikes when you get there. It's a perfect way to see the tiny island. Further up the coast, another day trip that I highly recommend is Monhegan Island. We left from Port Clyde and it was about a one-hour ferry ride away. Monhegan Island is an idyllic, rustic (a.k.a few cars and little electricity) artists island. You'll see people painting everywhere - the lighthouse, the beautiful cute homes, and the gorgeous landscape. The island is also perfect for some hiking as there are plenty of beautiful photo opportunities.

Back to the mainland, Portland has become quite the foodie town over the past couple years with chefs focusing on regionally caught fish and local produce and meats, along with a creative focus on tasty cocktails. When vacationing in Maine your palate will be satisfied and your belly full!

Which brings me to this cornflake fried chicken dinner along with a sweet and sour blueberry sauce and dill potato salad. I bought the beautiful cookbook, The Lost Kitchen, while shopping in Camden, Maine. The fresh bright green cover caught my attention, and as I started to flip through, the beautiful photography of the dishes really grabbed me. No questions, I needed yet another cookbook on my shelf. I absolutely love Erin French's story as it's authentic and well deserved success. 

Ironically Ms. French shared these recipes on the Today Show earlier this week right after I made this dinner and posted to my Instagram. Prior to seeing her Today Show post on Instagram I had not planned on making this a blog post as I didn't want to post the recipes if they had not already been released. But you should buy her cookbook as there are all kinds of delicious recipes to make.

This cornflake fried chicken has a slightly sweet and crunchy crust, and the brine provides amazing flavor to the chicken. Definitely let the chicken marinade in the brine overnight to really let the flavor soak into the meat. And the sweet and sour blueberry sauce...I want to put this on everything! It's superb!!! I was totally confused by the ingredients (blueberries, ketchup, rice wine vinegar) but they really work together to create this unique sweet tangy sauce. As there was leftover sauce, not eaten with the fried chicken, I've been eating that with cheese and crackers and with grilled sausages. Yum!

Long story short, fried chicken is always a good idea and this cornflake batter version definitely deserves a try. The whole combination makes for a really delicious meal. Enjoy! 




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