Cheddar Apple Pie

I'm in an autumn state of mind and apples are clearly taking top priority in my kitchen. A couple Sundays ago we happened to be driving in the country, headed towards a small town on the Delaware River, and completely by good luck stumbled upon the cutest U-pick farm that begged for a detour. 15+ pounds of apples later and a pint of freshly picked blackberries, recipes started to swirl around in my head. Have I mentioned that I think about food and recipes all the time? I really love being creative in the kitchen and playing with food. Obviously that's why I founded a wholesale and farmers bakery years ago, but that passion to create beautiful and delicious food is still exciting to me.

This year I wanted to try a cheddar cheese and apple pie as these flavors never disappoint when combined. Classic for a reason! The cheddar pastry dough is super light and flaky and the apples are clean and pure of seasonings as I'm just adding white and light brown sugars.

The pie comes together really quickly so you can go apple-picking and pie making all in the same day. 



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