Ricotta Plain Cheesecake & Figs

This post has been in a draft status for weeks now. I've had trouble focusing, or rather I should say I've been busy doing everything else and just not spent time here. The month of September disappeared in everyday busyness, evenings and weekends spent soaking up the extended summer-like weather, and working through the need to feel more inspired by my everyday. I need to focus more on being actively creative, I'm tired of feeling stale. 

But how does one get out of a creative funk? I've found that a good organizational clean up and clean out helps, along with spending time in nature, and my creative wheels start to turn again. Last weekend when I was cleaning my apartment from top to bottom, and happily throwing things out that have been taking up precious space for way too long, I remembered reading blog posts from Remodelista called "Domestic Science". This is the kind of domestic goddess information that inspires one to get to it and put things in order!! 

Taking my renewed enthusiasm and domestic goddess spirt (if only it was this glamorous!!) a step further, I've decided that I will incorporate nuggets of inspiration here. I'm excited to launch...

The List

1. I may work in luxury home design, but until my budget catches up I'm loving Target's new home collection, Project 62. This collection has so many stylish options your shopping cart is sure to overflow!

2. Seeking color inspiration through beauty with Nars latest lipstick collection, Powermette Lip Pigment.

3. If your kitchen tools need a refresh Sur la Table's Olivewood tools have you covered, and right now they're running a two for one sale. Yes please! 

4. Ikea's dish drain, Bestaende. If you're stuck washing dishes this compact 2-tiered drying rack is a great drying partner for a quick kitchen clean up. 

5. See ya Sunday night blues -  Hello Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 10! I absolutely love this series for Tony's passion and curiosity to explore the food and drink culture around the world. 

Bringing it back to the kitchen, this classic ricotta style cheesecake is perfect for channeling your culinary inspiration. Here I'm indulging in the beauty of figs as they're one of my most favorite fruits and perfect with the simplicity of a plain cheesecake. There's limitless inspiration with this cheesecake beauty! 





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