Pumpkin Cake with Bourbon Maple Cream Cheese Frosting & Pecans


The past week and a half has been a tough transition for me into the dark and cozy season. When the daylight starts to fade in the late afternoon I find it can feel like the day slips away all too quickly. The seasonal change is beautiful, but let's skip the whole "fall back" time change. Why do we force the darkness to come earlier in the day? My fall/winter seasonal rant continues to go unanswered. C'est la vie it would seem! At least we have the holidays to cheer things up. So, on that note I'm excited to share this delicious cake with you. 

To be honest I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin. Given the choice between a pumpkin pie or a fruit pie I'd most likely go with the later. Perhaps I like my desserts with a bit more texture (My pumpkin pie with a brown sugar crumble is a post for another day - yum!), or the fact that pumpkin itself tastes sort of strange without some major help from the spice doctor. Regardless, as Thanksgiving is just around the corner I wanted a new approach to serve this funny autumn vegetable that's ubiquitous at holiday dinner tables. 

Pumpkin pie is SO last year! Your Thanksgiving guests will be all about this delectable pumpkin cake!! It has all of the seasonal flavors that you are craving neatly wrapped up in a bourbon maple cream cheese frosting and topped with candied pecans. The flavors are so lovely together.


All of the ingredients are pretty standard here - pumpkin puree straight from the can, seasonal spices, and brown sugar. But the ingredients that I love the most, the ones that create the soft fluffy texture, are the olive oil and the sour cream. In my cake making experiences I've found that when these two ingredients are on the list, either separately or together as they are here, the cake is going to be a winner! So let's get to it and make this delicious pretty thing! 

Combine the wet ingredients in your KitchenAid, and while that's getting mixed up in a separate bowl  you can measure out your dry ingredients. Once the butter, olive oil, brown sugar, eggs, pumpkin puree, and sour cream are all fully combined turn the mixer off. Now your stirring arm gets the workout. Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir together with a spatula. Make sure to scrap down the sides and stir the bottom as it's important to fully blend everything. But don't whip the ingredients. Too much air can cause the cake to bake lumpy. Next, carefully pour the ingredients into 2 buttered and floured 9-inch cake pans and lightly tap them on your countertop. This will release any air bubbles that were trapped. Bake the cake for about 35 minutes (mine took 36 minutes) and allow it to fully cool before frosting. 

xo L



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