Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie

Happy Pi(e) Day (math nerds)! It's my 2nd Pi(e) Day participation in this silly made-up food holiday and I have to say it's been fun! Of all the weird food holidays that seem to pop up weekly this is a food holiday I do enjoy. Butter, sugar, and a filling and it's off to the baking races. I've loved seeing all of the pies that popped up in my Instagram feed. It's fun to see what everyone's baking and making as there are some really gorgeous pies out there! So inspirational!

Today I decided to go with this Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie. The coconut has me hopeful about spring and warmer weather, and chocolate because chocolate is always a good idea. This is a great pie to make if you're looking for something with great presentation yet it's relatively quick to make as there's no major pastry lattice work.

I hope you give this spin on a classic a try. If you're a chocolate and coconut lover this pie is like eating an Almond Joy chocolate bar, but this is pie so it's even better.

Cheers pie lovers!

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