Broken Hearted

Hi! So I'm officially launching this little project that I've been working on, very very randomly, these past couple of years with the intention of posting more regularly. For me, this blog is meant to be an expression of my favorite hobby, creating in the kitchen. And, with the sudden passing of my beloved english bulldog Oscar I've needed a major distraction. Time to clean up my blog and finally launch it.

There are no cures for a broken heart, but chocolate and bread can temporarily help. Both are on my list of favorite foods!

Chocolate Banana bread

I first made this recipe back in the spring with great success. The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen – a blog I follow regularly for its many delicious recipes and kitchen advice. Truly I can't say enough good things about this dessert bread. I was almost surprised when I had my first taste test bite, and then another bite...seriously yum!!! I've tried to work with bananas in the past but they always sunk straight to the bottom. I've had so many banana recipe failures as I'd wait impatiently by the oven waiting for magic to happen, only to slice into a transformed solid gooey glop of baked bananas. Yuck!!

But this chocolate banana bread is really just too good to only look at in pictures. It must be eaten!! Normally I'm not a huge banana fan, but when you add the mashed bananas to both melted chocolate and mini chocolate chips, plus melted butter, well now I'm super interested. Probably why I've been searching for a good banana recipe for so long. 

For all banana recipes use very ripe bananas. They're easier to mash and they pack tons of flavor. You can even use almost black bananas as they're still good for baking. 

Enjoy, it's a good one! 

Go to recipe.

A selfie with Oscar taken in May 2016.


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