Cheddar Cookies for the Dogs

Oscar would have been 13 today. These cheddar cookies were his favorite! He would follow me around the apartment for hours after I made them begging for another bite. Of course I often gave in and gave him more, but in general treats were a big deal for him. I was always very cautious about managing his weight as bulldogs can easily pack on the pounds. And for his entire life he was really quite fit and sporty. Twelve and a half years, I was a lucky doggie mama. He was just the best! My partner David got to enjoy him for many years as well as he joined us when Oscar was about five and still full of spunk. 

At the time of course I never pictured my life with another dog. In my mind, Oscar was going to live forever! Well, unfortunately that's not reality and moving past that pain was incredibly difficult. I still think of him all the time.

In Oscar's absence I realized how much of a dog person I am, and that I missed having a fur kid to come home to. We brought Wyatt home in the fall and have absolutely loved having a puppy. He's so funny and he has so much crazy puppy energy it's fantastic. Sometimes too much crazy like when he ran out into the Hudson River so far that I had to fish him out, knee-deep, because he thought he could swim like the bigger dogs (a dog life vest has been ordered). But he's certainly a happy and very expressive puppy!

Wyatt helped to make our home happy again. He makes us laugh and we enjoy being outside all the time for walks and to play. Dogs are just simply the best!!

I hope your fur kid loves these cookies as much as mine do.




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