Peach Crumble

Pouf, and just like that it's the last week in August. Where does the time go?! The summer can't be over already...I'm not done with the season yet!

One of my favorite summer experiences is regularly food shopping at the farmers markets. I love seeing all of the beautiful produce that's growing locally and perfectly in season. And I often find my fresh fruit hauls to be a great excuse to make fresh fruit desserts!

This oatmeal crumble is a favorite summer go-to dessert for me as it's quick to assemble and doesn't require a lot of time in the kitchen. Also it doesn't involve working with dough which can be difficult when it's hot and trying to shape a pie with melting dough is near impossible. 

Another reason you'll love this oatmeal crumble is because it's so versatile and works well with practically any fruit. Try it mid-summer with mixed berries, late summer with stone fruits like the peaches here, and with apples and pears if you're looking ahead to the fall.

Sautéed fruit topped with an oatmeal and brown sugar topping is a no-brainer good dessert. I hope you try this quick and easy one before the summer disappears. 





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