Veggie & Prosciutto Tart with Spring Design Inspiration

It doesn't feel like spring yet, but I'm going to pretend. It's good for my mental health!! The thing is, I desperately WANT to feel springy. You know, that feeling you get when the season starts to change and you just know it's time to put away the winter coat and rotate your closet. That is not the feeling we're having here in NYC this spring. Winter just won't quit! In my completely unprofessional estimation, we're a good 2-3 weeks behind a normal spring season. I have a blog post, funny how I can reference here, but 2 years ago I posted in early April and the trees were just about to bloom. Today, sadly we're weeks from blooming trees, but fortunately the newly budding flowers seem to have survived last week's nor'easter snowstorm. OMG!

Well, back to my mental health, I have been channeling the spring season through retail therapy (shoes, I like options) and reading more interior design magazines than usual. We're contemplating tearing our bathroom apart to replace the wall and floor tiles. Things could use a refresh if you know what I mean. But what a project! Stay tuned, I'll post this if it happens.

I was remembering My List that I first put together back in the fall and thought I'd do it again. As I work in the interior design industry I'm constantly surrounded by things that inspire me. I like the idea of actually making an inspiration list of sorts that meshes my love of interior design with my love of cooking and baking. So, here are a couple things that I'm loving right now. 

The List

1. One of my most favorite interior design resources is Elle Decor as I always find them on point and full of inspiration for the home, cooking (I've made several of Daniel Boulud's recipes, so good!), global travel, and more on living the good life. This grouping of interior designers certainly has my head spinning with inspiration. 

2. I came across this tile company, Popham Design, through Instagram and absolutely love their collections! The bright vivid colors and funky patterns definitely put a fun spin on tile shopping. I'm in love with this blue Hexagon Dot pattern!!

3. At work I'm managing a project with a beautiful custom handmade settee with hand woven caning. It's gorgeous! This old but new furniture style feels fresh and relaxed, exactly the feeling I envision for a summer house. Here are a couple ready-made pieces that use caning that I think are pretty special; this traditional bed with a modern touch, a storage cabinet with lots of potential in any room, and for something totally different, these sandals I saw posted on blog. 

4. Target and Hunter are getting married April 14th - I'm excited about this collaboration! 

5. Having a couple of nice serving pieces like this, or this, or this is always helpful, especially when making something such as this Spring Pizza. People eat first with their eyes so it's important that your food presents as amazing as it tastes.


I hope you give this Spring Tart a try for your next get together. It would make an excellent appetizer for a group or dinner for two. 




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